5 Tips to Prep Your Roof for Spring Showers

5 Tips to Prep Your Roof for Spring Showers

The spring season is still a couple of months away, which means now is the time to start prepping your roof for warmer weather. Spring tends to bring more rain and wind, and if your roof isn’t ready for increased water and moisture, you might be surprised how quickly you might need to perform repairs.

Here are 5 tips to take into consideration when prepping your roof for spring, so you can avoid costly repairs and enjoy the warmer weather without worrying about your roof.

  1. Check Your Attic

If you haven’t already, you’ve probably got to take any holiday decorations up to the attic for storage, so why not look around for damage while you’re up there? Not all damage is evident at first glance but try to take your time and look for yellowing paint, wet insulation, streaking and other water spots that can be corrected before more serious damage occurs.

  1. Remove Leaves From Roof

Fall foliage is beautiful and sets the scene for a wonderful autumn season, but leaves can be a huge nuisance and potential problem that affects how well your roof disperses water. If you know that leaves have collected on your roof, it’s worth climbing up (carefully!) on top of your house to remove them before spring showers come. Pro Tip: do the same for your home’s gutters! If your gutter system is clogged with leaves, water will not be directed away from your home’s foundation which can result in significant and costly damage.

  1. Check Pipes and Chimney

While you’re up on the roof, go ahead and check the mortar around your chimney. If you notice any crumbling mortar or damaged bricks, take note and contact a specialist. Also, double check the flashing around the pipes of your roof for signs of leaks, which may be evident from the outside if leaks aren’t obvious in your attic. Leaks wreak havoc on the structure of your roof, which is why this step is important!

  1. Trim Overhanging Tree Limbs and Branches

Refreshing spring showers are great, but heavy thunderstorms might result in lighting strikes and destructive winds. Tree branches can die during winter months, making it even easier for a strong gust of wind to break them.  If you notice branches hanging over your roof, do yourself a favor and trim them back so that there’s no chance that they fall and damage your roof. Pruning shears are great for smaller vines, while loppers work well for medium-sized branches. If your tree limbs are hard to reach, use a pole pruner or similar tool to get the job done. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, consider using a tree-trimming service to make life easy.

  1. Serious Damage? Preventative Maintenance? Consult with a Professional

If you know for a fact that your roof has sustained serious damage during the winter months, it makes sense to reach out to a team of professionals that can help. If you notice signs of damage but don’t know the best route to remediation, Storm Guard Roofing and Construction of SW St. Louis MO has the experience to perform preventative maintenance and the tools to tackle serious roof damage. Why take a risk with one of the most important features of your home? Contact our team today for a free estimate or to ask any questions that you may have. We’re here to help in any way possible!