Springtime Siding Maintenance and Tips

Springtime Siding Maintenance and Tips

Here’s a fact for you: springtime is a wonderful time of year.

After a long, cold winter cooped up inside your house, few things feel as good as stepping outside your front door after a good night’s rest, to be greeted by the rising sun on a lazy Sunday morning as the birds chirp melodically in the background. Trees that were once bare come to life with gorgeous green leaves and flowers bloom across the nation, giving way to warm weather and outdoor fun with friends and family.

This is a time for new beginnings and spring cleanings – especially if you’re a homeowner. However, it’s important to remember that no matter where you live, the siding of your home probably took a beating from the cold, harsh weather that winter is known for like snow, sleet, and frigid winds.

Chances are you will be cleaning out your closets, dusting furniture and opening windows to start spring off the right way, so why not do a little siding maintenance while you’re at it?

Here are some tips from our team of experts on how to keep your siding maintained, so that it can last a lifetime and continue to protect you and your family from harsh winters and spring showers.

Vinyl Maintenance

Vinyl is one of the most popular siding options in America for two reasons: it has an incredibly high durability factor and doesn’t require a whole lot of back-breaking maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a once-over this spring. Take a couple of hours in the warm spring air and wipe down your vinyl siding with a soft brush or cleaning cloth. For an eco-friendly choice, consider using a product like Simple Green Total Outdoor Cleaner. If you notice evidence of mold, you might want to pick up some Wet & Forget Moss, Mildew and Algae Stain remover.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re using a cleaning product that is approved for vinyl siding; abrasive cleaners will scratch your vinyl siding and reduce its lifespan.

Wood Siding Maintenance

Usually considered one of the most beautiful siding options to choose from, wood siding looks great but requires much more maintenance than something like vinyl siding. Give your wood siding a good clean with an approved cleaning product for wood siding. Keep an eye out for rotting parts; if you notice any signs of rot, contact a professional and have them come out and inspect your siding to see if it needs to be replaced.

Pro Tip: This will sound like a no-brainer for most, but make sure your wood siding is stained properly. Staining does a good job of sealing your wooden siding, preventing moisture and ultimately mold and warping from occurring. It’s also a good idea to re-stain your wood siding if you haven’t done so in a few years.

Fiber Cement Siding Maintenance

Fiber cement siding can get a little pricey, but a lot of homeowners choose this kind of siding because of its versatility and durability. This type of siding is also pretty easy to maintain throughout the year. This spring, make sure you’re inspecting your fiber cement siding for signs of damaged caulking or broken panels. Pay extra attention to the areas where your fiber cement siding connects to the roof assembly of your home, and make sure that window frames and foundations are in good shape. If you notice any clear signs of wear and tear, it might be time to re-seal your siding.

Call and Expert if Needed!

If you find that there is significant damage to the siding of your home, it’s best to reach out to a team of professionals like you will find at Storm Guard Roofing and Construction of Pacific MO. Whether you need an expert eye to examine your siding or need have to replace portions or all of your home’s siding, we have the know-how to address and remediate any issue that you may have, at a price that you can feel comfortable about. Just have a question that needs answering? We’ve got you covered – give us a shout today at 636-778-9562!